About Us


Executive Door was founded in 1985 to provide builders, architects and consumers with unique custom doors. Our company goal is to provide doors that meet the customer’s individual needs and produce them to the highest standards of architectural doors.

While the organizational culture remains rooted in the strict standards of custom millwork, the needs of our customers have drawn us into a constantly improving assortment of innovative new door products.

In 1992, EDC introduced Environmental Doors – one of the nation’s first series of paintable, medium density fiberboard doors. Produced from high quality recycled materials, Environmental doors meet the need for durable, highly flexible door designs sensitive to the needs of our environment.

In 1998, EDC introduced Euro doors. Their finely machined asymmetrical panel design and offset interior face give the unique appearance of much thicker custom made doors. Window and Door Magazine recognized the Euro door’s design excellence with the 2000 Crystal Achievement Award as the most innovative new door design.

In 2003, EDC doubled the production capacity for the popular MDF doors with a state-of-the-art production process assuring EDC to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Today, Executive Door remains committed to providing constantly improving products and innovative door designs consistent with our heritage of custom millwork.

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