Plank doors designs and options

The Environmental Plank Doors collection has a wide range of discriminating options with the capability to match almost any personalized idea from our costumers. Please note that some designs are available as an interior or exterior door. ENV-(model #) for interior or EX-(model #) for exterior. Ask Customer Service for more details, you can mention the ENV model number, to check for an exterior door design.

ENV400 ENV410 ENV411 ENV430 ENV432


ENV 400

EX 40


ENV 410

EX 41

 ENV 411

 ENV 430

 ENV 432


ENV433 ENV434 ENV435 ENV440 ENV450

 ENV 433

 ENV 434

 ENV 435

 ENV 440

 ENV 450


ENV600 ENV601 ENV602 blank blank

 ENV 600

 ENV 601

 ENV 602





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