ADA Compliance


Executive Door can manufacture your doors to be compliant with the ADA requirements and guidelines.

These requirements consider a series of parameters such as width and height, the surface of the door, handles, locks, pulls, latches, thresholds and the closing speed of the door.

Among width and height requirements, ADA considers that the clear width of a door must have a minimum size of 32 inches and a maximum of 48 inches. The height of a door must be at least 80 inches.

Requirements regarding door surface: no projections are allowed below 34 inches above the floor and they must meet a less than 4 inches extension from the surface of the door.

 Door surfaces within 10 inches of the floor or ground must be a smooth surface on the push side extending the full width of the door. Any parts creating a horizontal or vertical joint on the surface shall be within 1/16 inch in depth. If cavities are created by added kick plates they must be capped.

2DdoorDrawingADA                                                          2DdoorFrontDrawingADA

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