Environmental Doors STC Sound Transmission Ratings



Executive Door Company has tested 1 ¾” raised panel Environmental Doors and fire doors through an independent testing laboratory for their resistance to sound transmission. Testing was conducted in accordance with ASTM E 90-99.


All tests were conducted on single doors. The gasketing system surrounding the doors tested included components manufactured by Pemko Manufacturing. For this test, passage hardware was from Quickset.

The Environmental doors models tested achieved an STC rating of 30 to 35 with 35 being the highest. The level of confidence that such a test must comprise has to be of 95%.

Sound transmission tests are a good barometer of a door product’s resistance to the transmission of sound from one side of the door to the other. Tests are conducted under laboratory conditions. Actual noise levels achieved in residential or commercial installations will be affected by the design of door selected, the hardware selected, the materials surrounding the door and the quality of installation.


With a new revision of the ASTM E 90 (version 09) standard just released in recent years, at Executive Door we are preparing ourselves to comply with this and all the standards that are becoming nowadays a prerequisite in both the manufacturing and the services industry.


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