20 minute Environmental Fire Door


Virtually any 1 3/4" Environmental door with standard raised panels or flat panels up to 4/0 wide by 8/0 high is optionally available as a 20 minute fire door. Raised molding options are also available in the fire doors.


20 Minute Environmental fire doors are manufactured with a fire resistant core, wood edge strips and 1" edge strips on the top and bottom of the door.

Fire doors can be specified as Fire Stamped or Fire Labeled.

  • Fire Stamped Doors.   Firms with an Intertek Testing Services (ITS) license for machining fire doors can order doors fire stamped.  Doors must be machined in accordance with the ITS license.


  • Fire Labeled Doors.   Fire labeled doors can be specified by any firm.  Executive Door will machine the door to your specification within the limits of the ITS license and attach the Warnoch Hershey fire label.


Soft arch doors, full arch doors, and double doors are not currently available to be manufactured as Environmental Fire Doors.


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